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Do you have magnificent new product idea and you are now thinking how to make it business? We can help you build your product idea all the way from first designs even to mass manufacturing. We have plenty of know-how to build the product from scratch to bright implementation. Rapid proof of concept prototypes for investor or customer is one of our strengths.

We can help your business to build product from idea to mass production, or anything between. Let us help!

We design Aistin Blue IoT devices and sensors

IoT Devices & Sensors

We design innovative, modular, energy efficient, tiny, wireless Internet-of-Things devices and latest state of the art sensor solutions.
One stop shop solution for development services


One stop shop solution

  • Consepting and system design
  • HW design and simulation
  • Antenna design
  • SW design: embedded, mobile app and cloud
  • Mechanics design
  • System testing
  • Acceptance tests with partners
  • Production tester design
  • Mass production testing in EMS
  • Mass production handling and EMS selection
The turnkey development kit for your product idea

Development Kits

What ever your great idea for a new product is, we can offer the turnkey development kit for you. We are experts in proof of concept, hardware design and fast prototyping. You can even scale up to mass production with contract manufacturer and products in sale package are directly delivered into your own sale channels. Your idea can be based on your own Arduino or RasberryPi shield or you can also benefit our own Aistin platforms.
Industrial applications with powerful and reliable solutions made by us


Augment your industrial applications with powerful and reliable solutions made by us.
Low power and wireless design enables truly lightweight wearables

Wearable devices

From smart wearables to clothing , we can do it all. Our expertise in low power and wireless design enables truly lightweight wearables.
We turn your ideas into fully fledged designs


Do you have an idea but no means to design it while taking everything necessary into account? We turn your ideas into fully fledged designs.
Utilize existing designs with licensing models


Are you looking perhaps a complete wearable solution and you want to save time and money utilizing existing wearables/IoT platform instead of making own HW and firmware design from scratch?

Please contact us and we will explain the licensing model benefits.

We offer consulting services for you


Are you stuck on how to start from scratch or how to continue from a specific point onwards? Do you need service design? Consult with us and we will find a solution to help you move forward.
We can build test environment, test cases and test your products


Testing your products or prototypes can be complicated. We can design and build test environments with test cases. We can also test your products.
Utilize existing designs with licensing models


We are a service provider for SMEs’ Business Finland Innovation Voucher and we will help you to apply funding to grow your idea to product.

The innovation voucher aims to find new business opportunities for businesses to support business growth and encourage new businesses to innovate. See for more information Business Finland website.