Members of the Board

About iProtoXi company

The Annual General Meeting set the number of Board members at four. Members of the Board elected by the Annual General Meeting are:

Harri Valasma

Harri Valasma

Chairman Of The Board

Founded Sarokal Test Systems back in 2014. Developed it to be a company with over 10 million euros in revenue with over 30 employees and sold it to Siemens in 2018.

Founded Sarokal Solutions in 2008. A consulting and service company where the ideas of Sarokal products were first invented.

Now, after 13 years, working again at Sarokal Solutions, which now focuses on start-up consulting and angel investments.

Janne Kallio

Janne Kallio

CEO / Co-founder

Janne has exceptional capability to create ideas and transform ideas to system solutions and real SW and HW implementations in a disciplined manner. In addition to great helicopter view he has deep knowledge and long experience in SW and HW which makes him a real systems expert. Teamwork and collaboration are Janne’s strong competences.
Vesa Mottisenkangas

Vesa Mottisenkangas

Project Manager

Project Management, R&D, Digital marketing and sales, UX design, Quality Management

Vesa has long experience on many areas of telecommunications and software development. UI/UX and graphical designs are his passion along with project management tasks. Recent studies in the Digital marketing and sales supplements his expertise in the field of ICT.

Sami Halonen

Sami Halonen

Member of the Board

Entrepreneur and business developer with over 15 years of experience working with startups in various industries.

Current positions:

  • Kielo Growth
    CEO and Co-Founder 
  • Regional Angel
    Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN)
  • Board Member
    • Kielo Growth
    • iProtoXi Oy
    • Manna Insect
    • Youth Control Games
    • Kailamed Oy 
    • Resistance Games