Smart Waste Management: Optimizing Sustainability and Costs





Wastebook JAETE

Wastebook heard of us through word-of-mouth and approached us with the following problem: “We are living in a time where self-driving cars are a reality. So how come we were not able to have our trash collected when it needed to be? We see overflowing trash cans and illegal dumping polluting our cities, our environment every day, while paying for the collection of empty containers.”

Thus JAETE (eng. Waste) was born, to set a new standard for waste collection. Wastebook wanted to allow everyone, from households to larger operators, to save environment and money, to allow the waste to be collected precisely when it needs to, eliminating the overflowing garbage cans and empty runs for good.

JAETE is a smart device based on Aistin Level, combined with an intuitive app and algorithm, monitoring the fill level of anything from your garbage can to spectic tanks, remotely from anywhere in the world. The service automatically detects the need for waste disposal and forwads the information to JAETE Cloud.

JAETE Cloud (tailored IoThund Pro) enables waste management service providers to optimize their routes, collecting only containers in need of emptying. Using the open Cloud API interface, JAETE Cloud can be connected to any route optimization provider, thus reducing CO2 emissions and costs on the waste management providers’ side as well.



Why iProtoxi IoT System


  • Ready Platform – Quick product and service development
  • All components designed for battery-operated energy-efficient IoT Devices
  • The whole system – no integration, know the price on the spot
  • Wastebook can focus on business while iProtoxi takes care of production and maintenance
  • Monitoring and managing device fleets at the field over their entire life cycle

Getting Started

iProtoxi Concept

From an idea to feasible: one week.

Wastebook heard of us through word-of-mouth and reached out to us with the idea of digitalizing waste management.

In the initial meeting, we could already offer Wastebook a ready solution, consisting of private labeled Aistin Level devices and IoThund Pro Cloud with additional tailored features.


IoThund Pro


Tailored Cloud – IoThund Pro

As the JAETE Cloud required additional features, we set the starting point at IoThund Pro. Some of these features included custom UI graphics displaying the fill rate of garbage bins.

Aistin Level

JAETE Device

Aistin Level – Private Label

The use case of JAETE perfectly suited the typical use case of our Aistin Level device. Aistin Level accurately measures the temperature and distance of any surface level. The casing is robust and waterproof, making the device immune to dirt and water, fit to the challenges posed by waste management. Its design is modern, pleasant, functional, and any logo can be fit to it creating a premium end result.

Additional Services

iProtoxi Production and Maintenance

We maintain and produce the devices so you can focus on business.

iProtoxi takes care of the mass production of the JAETE Devices and maintains the JAETE cloud.

Interested and wish to learn more?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work out together a package that best suits your needs.

Device and Cloud brochures are available upon request.

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