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A complete IoT solution for waste, water, material silos and assets. With off-the-shelf products, you can start designing your service without the costly and time-consuming product development phase.

Enabling sustainable solutions

Our Products

Surface Level Measurement

The Aistin Level products are ideal for all applications because they work flawlessly even in demanding conditions and, in particular, their power consumption is so low that they can operate for years on a single battery.

  • Waste and septic tank management
  • Surface level measurements of tanks, containers, and silos
    • Measure the surface level without physically touching the contents of the tank
    • Works with all types of liquids such as fuels, fresh water, grey water and black water
  • Sewer and wastewater monitoring
  • Predict potential flooding and raise the alarm

A complete IoT solution for waste, water, material silos.

Motion and Usage Monitoring

When you are looking for a solution to measure the actual running times of motors, pumps and compressors, the Aistin Motion family is the right choice. Machine maintenance can be scheduled correctly and cost-effectively.

  • Optimize equipment maintenance
  • Measurement of operating times
  • An alarm of unwanted stop or movement
  • Quality control of shipments and transport
    • Temperature and humidity monitoring
    • Detection of harmful movements
Aistin Presence S

Presence detection

Presence and condition monitoring in different environments and applications, such as conference rooms and cabinets, is handled by Aistin Presence.

  • Measurement of occupancy of premises
    • How many visits are there?
  • Whether the container, cabinet or enclosure is open or closed
Positioning without GPS


IoTrack enables more energy-efficient and comprehensive positioning compared to traditional methods such as GPS. The innovative feature allows positioning without satellite coverage and in this case significantly extends the battery life of the device.

Positioning without GPS.

  • Tracking in areas with high population density, especially inside buildings, and tracking in logistics in areas without proper satellite coverage
  • Informing when and where products equipped with IoTrack are deployed

environmental measurements

Aistin Envi is your solution when you want to monitor conditions in forests, containers, etc., and even prevent fires.
Identify problems with refrigerators or other cooling and heating systems.

  • Environmental conditions
  • Prevention of fires from ever happening.
  • Temperatures and humidity during power outages.
  • Alerts when critical temperatures are reached.
  • Generate official reports at the touch of a button.
  • Proactive alarm system

Air quality

Whether you need to combat mold in confined spaces, monitor CO2 levels or detect gas leaks, certainly Aistin Air is your solution. Air quality monitors are essential to prevent health hazards and ensure safety in a wide range of applications.

  • Environmental conditions
  • Humidity and Temperature monitoring
  • CO2 and Particles
  • Proactive alarm system
The vital enabler for digitalization projects

IoThund Cloud Solution

The IoThund Cloud enables an energy-efficient, modular and way to connect IoT devices to the internet and enables two-way data transfer to other cloud services.


  • Energy-efficient complete remote control of IoT devices
  • Alarming functions
  • Easy-to-use web and mobile versions
  • Connectivity to any external system
  • Data transmission and operator costs minimized
  • There are three purchase and installation options available: Basic, Pro, and Custom
Our Products

The complete solution

We are enabler for digitalization projects with a complete IoT Solution.

Our system is a complete package ready to use, offering various system solutions. In its simplest form, you can start providing services to your customers without any product development. The system also provides easy-to-use API interfaces to integrate with your existing systems. Even then, you can use IoThund as an easy-to-use device management service, even if the data is routed to your system.

We offer an easy-to-maintain complete IoT system without vendor lock-in. You can buy or license the system anytime, maintain it, and even develop it independently.

IoThund Cloud Solution

IoThund is a solution that manages the entire lifecycle of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, from deployment to monitoring and maintenance to decommissioning.

Aistin IoT Devices

The Aistin IoT products are ideal for all applications because they work flawlessly even in demanding conditions and, in particular, their power consumption is so low that they can operate for years on a single battery.


Aistin IoT devices connect directly to the internet, eliminating the need for a separate GateWay and power supply and additional installation costs.

The IoThund Cloud enables an energy-efficient, modular and way to connect IoT devices to the internet and enables two-way data transfer to other cloud services.

  • Energy-efficient complete remote control of IoT devices
  • Alarming functions
  • Easy-to-use web and mobile versions
  • Connectivity to any external system
  • Data transmission and operator costs minimized
  • Enabler for digitalization projects with a complete IoT Solution
iProtoxi was the enabler of these DIGITALIZATION PROJECTS

Reference Solutions


Waste management


Wastebook has built its waste data system on iProtoxi’s fill-level sensors and cloud technology. The sensor data powers the route optimization system so waste containers and septic tanks are emptied on an optimized schedule without delay. Enabler for digitalization projects with a complete IoT Solution

iSense chamber where you can see the device at its place.

District Energy Network Monitoring

Vexve’s iSENSE product family comprises smart monitoring solutions specifically designed for underground district heating and cooling networks. The real-time measurement data provided by iSENSE product family helps to improve network efficiency, provides tools for condition monitoring, and enables fast leakage detection.


Water management


New technology makes it possible to monitor, control and manage actuators in water networks and land areas. Pipelife’s solution for managing water networks is the SmartHub application platform. Smart Hub is modern, universal, and remote, enabling cost-effective maintenance of water networks.


Real-time Snow Analytics


The advanced snow analysis feature in Snower notifies operators about areas with high snow levels immediately when the alarming level has been reached.


Framery Connect sensor


Identify how people use every space in your office. And provide private workspaces when and where they are needed.

Framery smart pods & the Framery Connect sensor gather anonymous occupancy data to measure when and how often spaces are used.

Other customer references

Oura ring is packed with infrared LEDs, NTC temperature sensors, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope all wrapped around your finger.

Posti is the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland.

Digita offers IoT services based on comprehensive network, as well as world-class Data Center services.

Salgrom Technologies Inc. is the market leader in automated fire extinguishing systems in Finland and the Nordic countries.

What we do

Our Services


Ask our engineers, we can do almost anything. However, we do have our areas of expertise. Customize existing iProtoxi products:

  • By combining products
  • By adding sensors and probes
  • Adding external interfaces
  • By adding SW
  • Modifying mechanics and materials

Our Expertise:

  • Energy-efficient IoT Solutions
  • Quick Product Development
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Machine Learning and Data Analysis
  • Embedded Software
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Latest Radio Technologies


The output of the concept phase is an Introductory Product Card (what your product could look like) and a Feasibility Study (how it could be implemented).

Average duration:

  • One working week
  • Based on ready Aistin Devices and IoThund Cloud


  • Fixed price
  • Test and prove feasibility with our ready system
  • Acts as a stepping stone for prototyping
  • Zero integration is needed, plug-and-play
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Includes all the seven elements of an IoT System


Create a completely or partially new product. Turning the Feasible to Reality. The output of the PoC is Proof-of-Concept System (Your Minimum Viable Product, how much it approximately costs) and Proof-of-Concept Document (How it can be done, by anyone)

Average duration:

  • One month
  • Smooth process based on the Aistin Platform


  • An MVP working system can be shown to e.g. investors
  • Readily estimated costs
  • Custom Device (From custom casing to a completely custom product)
  • Custom IoThund Cloud (e.g. Custom mobile app, custom view, and features)


Building the PoC into a finished product. The output of the productization phase is the finished product (this is what it costs and how it is manufactured).

Average duration:

  • Two months
  • Smooth process based on iProtoxi Team Expertise


  • Readily fine-tuned product
  • Precise cost estimations

Production and Maintenance

Let us take care of technology while you focus on business.


  • Maintenance: Cloud and Devices, Upkeep and Updates
  • Production: Device Manufacturing, Shipping, and Life-Cycle Management


  • Ready network of iProtoxi partners, jumpstart to production – approvals, certifications, and unit testing
  • Maintenance and troubleshoot by our experts – peace of mind
  • Custom packaging and brochures – positive end customer experience managed to the finest detail


In the past, we have done:

  • Digitalized District Heating: Leak Detection and Conditions Monitoring
  • Energy Distribution Network Monitoring: Recognition of Faulty Transformers
  • Smart Waste Management: Level Monitoring and Route Optimizing
  • Outdoor Post Machine: Gateway and Integration to Other Systems
  • Well Monitoring: Level and Conditions Monitoring
  • Medicine and Foodstuff Monitoring: Level and Conditions Monitoring
  • World’s First Smart Ring PoC: Sleep and Recovery Monitoring
  • Fire detection and immediate alarm in different environments
What Drives Us

Our Mission

“We set up iProtoxi, a one-stop IoT supplier, to leverage our expertise and let great ideas improve things through digitalization. Our goal is to enable environmentally friendly and sustainable business with innovative solutions.”

iProtoxi is vital enabler in digitaliZation projects


Road into complete IoT Service

Fast development time

All seven parts are needed for the fast deployment of full IoT service.

The vital enabler for digitalization projects

Complete system

Get a jumpstart to a full-stack IoT system. The system is the enabler for all digitalization projects.

Integrated Cloud Solution enabling digitalization projects

No separate integrators are needed

Focus on your business, let us take care of the rest. iProtoxi is a strong enabler for digitalization projects having all needed parts of IoT service.

Secure IoT platform with the latest technology

Secure device firmware with state-of-art multidimensional measurement sensor capabilities.

Device management and software updates over the air

Monitoring and managing device fleets at the field over their entire life cycle.

Aistin Frame enabling IoT Solutions

Modular architecture

Fast development time based on Aistin platform building blocks.

Energy-efficient solutions

All components are designed for battery-operated IoT Devices.

No vendor lock-in

Plug-and-play deployment to all modern cloud platforms.

Aistin Frame pictured in small blocks.

Independent of the web service provider

Seamless integration with any existing customer cloud subscription.

Open interface ready for future development

Utilizing collected IoT Device data for further analysis.

Aistin Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Intuitive Aistin Mobile Application allows data analysis where ever you are.

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