“We founded iProtoxi, a single one-stop full IoT vendor, to put our expertise to use and allow great ideas to improve things through digitalization.”

Level Control in Tanks, Containers and Silos

iProtoxi provides a complete solution to remotely detect the levels in various tanks, silos and containers with reliable radar technology.

Smart Waste and Septic Tank Management

iProtoxi provides a complete solution to remotely detect the levels of waste containers and septic tanks, based on Aistin Level and IoThund Cloud.

Smart and Flexible Water Management

Smart Hub is modern, universal, and remote, enabling cost-effective maintenance of water networks.

Full IoT System

Aistin Products

Typically, in order to measure a quantity, a person has to be present on-site to do the measurement. Such visits are time-consuming and often scheduled less than ideally and the conditions on-site may be highly inconvenient or even dangerous.

IoThund Cloud

The IoThund Cloud is Docker-based and platform-independent — you can choose any server or cloud computing provider

  • Data transmission and operator costs minimized
  • Complete device management and monitoring (over-the-air updates and mass device management)
  • Intuitive web and mobile applications

iProtoxi Services

iProtoxi Custom


  • All 7 parts of the IoT system are available
  • A 3-step process to complete your product
    • iProtoxi Concept
    • iProtoxi PoC
    • iProtoxi Productizing
  • Focus on your business, not on the technological details
  • Complete, largescale custom IoT solution for your business with your customers

Additional Features

  • Taking care of the mass manufacturing of your devices
  • Maintenance and further development
  • IoT as a service
  • Licensing

IoT Solutions

Industry Solutions


  • Energy Industry
  • Electricity network monitoring
  • Waste and septic tank management
  • Surface level measurements of tanks, containers, and silos
  • Education
  • Other industries:
    • Smart wearables
    • Healthcare
    • and multiple other industries

Full IoT Solutions

IoT Platform

All seven parts needed for the fast deployment of full IoT service.


  • Device Platform
  • Connectivity
  • Mobile Platform
  • Integrated Cloud
  • Customer Cloud
  • Device Management
  • Over the Air Updates

Our strengths in the digitalization

Road with two lanes.

Fast development time

All seven parts are needed for the fast deployment of full IoT service.

Laptop open at the table showing statistics.

Complete system

Get a jumpstart to a full-stack IoT system

persons hands laying aroud laptop.

No separate integrators are needed

Focus on your business, let us take care of the rest.

Technical equipment.

Secure IoT platform with the latest technology

Secure device firmware with state-of-art multidimensional measurement sensor capabilities

person tapping lap top working.

Device management and software updates over the air

Monitoring and managing device fleets at the field over their entire life cycle

Modular architecture

Fast development time based on Aistin platform building blocks

Energy-efficient solutions

All components are designed for battery-operated IoT Devices

No vendor lock-in

Plug-and-play deployment to all modern cloud platforms

Independent of the web service provider

Allows seamless integration with any existing customer cloud subscription

Open interface ready for future development

Allows utilizing collected IoT Device data for further analysis

Aistin Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Intuitive Aistin Mobile Application allows data analysis where ever you are.


Customer examples

iProtoxi Custom: Vexve iSENSE

Digitalization of valves

iProtoxi IoT System: Wastebook JAETE

Smart Waste Management

iProtoxi Custom: SmartHub

Smart Water Management

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Get in touch with us and we will work with you to create a solution that best fits your needs.

Device and Cloud brochures are available upon request.

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