Company Advisors

The iProtoxi Board of Advisors is composed of experts in their specific fields of business.

Kari Vierimaa

Kari Vierimaa

Systems Architect at Mentor Graphics


I’m a former CTO, co-founder, and member of the board of Sarokal Test Systems Oy. Siemens acquired Sarokal Test System in 2018, and I continued as Systems Architect on Mentor a Siemens Business. Our success rise continuing.

Nothing is impossible. Some tasks are harder than others, and some need to fail as soon as possible that we have time for success.

I have over 20-year experience working with hardware and software designing. Starting from 3G and looking now to 6G horizon. All my career time, I have been working with FPGAs, Lattice, Altera, and Xilinx. Hard- and Soft-core processors, ARM, NIOS, and MicroBlaze, bare or with Linux. Seen product rise and falls, learn the magic of interest, and the importance of customers.

Nowadays, I deal with 5G testing, especially the fronthaul, and 5G PHY level. OBSAI, CPRI, eCPRI, RoE, O-RAN are a familiar fronthaul protocol to me. Some of those are also running top of other protocols like Ethernet. That for also Time-Sensitive Networking protocols like IEEE-1588 and SyncE is known.

The attraction of continuous learning and self-development keeps me up to date and bring new inventions. I follow news and trends on-field and academy. You can find me also from IEEE, JEDEC, and other standardizations comities.

Ari Takanen

Ari Takanen

Startup advisor. Technologies, Strategies, Global Growth, Sales and Marketing


Interest areas: investor, Oulu/Finland region, specialist in startup growth, advisor for startups and growth businesses in sales and marketing, finance, channel strategies, M&A, growth hacking for startup, cybersecurity, mobile device management (MDM/EMM), security auditing, testing, fuzzing, situational awareness, C2, medical security, embedded devices, remote sensors, unmanned autonomous systems and aerial vehicles (UAV) and weird materials. Way too much stuff.

Author of:

Fuzzing for Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance (Artech House, 2008, 2nd ed. 2018)

Securing VoIP Networks: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures (Pearson, 2007)


Ari Takanen, business incubator, investor and advisor for startups. In the past he was co-founder of Codenomicon, which was acquired by Synopsys in 2015. Ari has since 1998 been studying information security issues in next generation networks and security critical environments. Street-smart in business, i.e. done most of the possible mistakes. =)

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, startups, international marketing, sales; oh and too many conference talks on robustness testing, security testing tools, risk analysis tools, communication protocols, automated testing, fuzzing, fuzz testing

Jouko Junkkari

Jouko Junkkari

Co-founder and Advisor, iProtoxi Oy, Independent ICT Professional and investor

Co-founder and Advisor, iProtoxi Oy. Independent ICT Professional and Investor.

Previously at Nokia 1987 – 2009 in various positions, from Program management to VP positions in R&D and Technology and Architecture management.

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