iProtoxi Custom — IoT as a Service

We digitalize and differentiate existing products and create entirely new ones: one Vendor, Full IoT System. We offer IoT as a service because not every solution is ready out of the box.

Why iProtoxi Custom

A typical IoT Project consists of four parties:

  • A provides the devices,
  • B provides the Cloud service,
  • C integrates the two and
  • D, the client, has to organize and manage all of this.

iProtoxi Custom, a full-stack IoT project from a single vendor, changes this.

Using a ready platform, we offer a drastically quicker, smoother, and more cost-efficient process.

One-stop, everything you need, with full control over the end result.

No more scope creeps.

Let’s create something new together.

IoT Platform

Using our complete iProtoxi IoT Platform, we can offer you

Product or service

A completely new product or service from scratch.


A solution based on our ready products.

IoT Platform components

iProtoxi IoT Platform components integrated to your system (E.g. Customer cloud or Over-the-air Updates)

Full control over the process

We offer a readily maintained full IoT system without a vendor lock. Should you wish to, you are at any point free to purchase or license the system, maintain and even develop it independently.

Step one

iProtoxi Concept

The process starts when the package arrives.

Concept Phase results

  • Introductory Product Card (What your product could look like)
  • Feasibility Study (How it could be done)

Average duration

  • One working week
  • Based on ready Aistin devices and iProtoXi Cloud


  • Fixed price
  • Test and prove feasibility with our ready system
  • Acts as a stepping stone for prototyping
  • Zero integration needed, plug-and-play
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Includes all the seven elements of an IoT System

Step two

iProtoxi PoC

Turning the Feasible to Reality.

PoC Phase results

  • Proof-of-Concept System (Your //Minimum Viable Product, how much it approximately costs)
  • Proof-of-Concept Document (How it can be done, by anyone)

Average duration

  • One month
  • Smooth process based on Aistin Platform


  • A MVP working system, can be shown to e.g. investors
  • Readily estimated costs
  • Custom Device (From custom casing to a completely custom product)
  • Custom IoThund Cloud (e.g. Custom mobile app, custom view and features)

Step three

iProtoxi Productizing

Building the PoC into a ready product.

Productizing Phase results

  • Ready Product (This is it, how much it costs, and how it is manufactured)

Average duration

  • Two months
  • Smooth process based on iProtoxi Team Expertise


  • Readily fine-tuned product
  • Precise cost estimations

Additional Services

iProtoxi Production and Maintenance

Let us take care of technology while you focus on business.


  • Maintenance: Cloud and Devices, Upkeep and Updates
  • Production: Device Manufacturing, Shipping, and Life-Cycle Management


  • Ready network of iProtoxi partners, jumpstart to production – approvals, certifications, and unit testing
  • Maintenance and troubleshoot by our experts – peace of mind
  • Custom packaging and brochures – positive end customer experience managed to the finest detail

“On average, the iProtoxi Custom process and ready Aistin platform allow for a project 4x faster than a project from separate vendors.”

iProtoxi Custom Benefits


Why iProtoxi Custom, a single-vendor full IoT solution


  • The whole system – no integration, know the price on the spot
  • Choose the step you need – the process is completely under your control
  • Ready platform – considerably faster and more cost-efficient product development
  • Energy efficiency and Security – a truly reliable system
  • Comprehensive and Secure Cloud – tailorable to your needs

What can we do for you

iProtoxi Custom

Ask our engineers, we can do almost anything. However, we do have our areas of expertise.

Select iProtoxi Custom, when…


You need a completely new system from scratch


A part or feature of our system, integrated to your system


A custom Aistin Device


A custom Cloud


A feasibility study and cost estimations

In the past, we have done…


Digitalized District Heating: Leak Detection and Conditions Monitoring


Energy Distribution Network Monitoring: Recognition of Faulty Transformers


Smart Waste Management: Level Monitoring and Route Optimizing


Outdoor Post Machine: Gateway and Integration to Other Systems


Well Monitoring: Level and Conditions Monitoring


Medicine and Foodstuff Monitoring: Level and Conditions Monitoring


World’s First Smart Ring PoC: Sleep and Recovery Monitoring





Our Expertise

  • Energy-efficient IoT Solutions
  • Quick Product Development
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Machine Learning and Data Analysis
  • Embedded Software
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Latest Radio Technologies

Interested and wish to learn more?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work out together a package that best suits your needs.

Device and Cloud brochures are available upon request. 

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