iProtoxi IoT Platform — all the pieces of the puzzle

Assembling an IoT System is like solving a puzzle. iProtoxi IoT Platform contains all the seven pieces needed — select them all or the ones you need, the system is fully modular!

Why iProtoxi IoT Platform

iProtoxi IoT Platform

We use our IoT Platform, iProtoxi IoT Platform, to provide all our ready and custom IoT solutions. IoT Platform is a full IoT solution, but due to its modular design, we can integrate just parts of it into other existing IoT Systems. For a ready Full IoT System, please see iProtoxi IoT System. For custom solutions, please see iProtoxi Custom.

Using our platform, we offer:

A solution based on our ready products (iProtoxi IoT System)

A new or tailored product or service (iProtoxi Custom)

Missing components of an existing IoT System (iProtoxi Custom)

No Vendor Lock. Should you wish to, you are at any point free to purchase or license the system or a part of it, maintain and even develop it independently.

Component 01

Aistin Device Platform

  • Compact industrial design built to operate in extreme environments
  • Configurable for cross-industry use case scenarios: modular and flexible
  • State-of-the-art IoT devices with multidimensional measurement sensor capabilities
  • Secure device firmware
  • Optional device SDK

For ready Aistin Devices, please see Aistin Devices. If you need custom Aistin Devices or Aistin Devices without IoThund Cloud, please also see iProtoxi Custom.


Component 02

Radio Connectivity

The iProtoxi IoT Platform offers a wide range of connectivity options.

Over-the-air connectivity

  • 4G NB-IoT/CatM1
  • LoRaWAN
  • GSM/2G/3G/4G/5G, eSIM/SIM card

Local connectivity

  • WiFi and other radios
  • USB (2.0, 3.0)
  • Aistin BUS24
  • The Device acting as a Gateway
    • Connecting nodes


  • IoTrack – Positioning without GPS

Component 03

iProtoxi Mobile Platform

iProtoXi Mobile application for Aistin Devices enables easy Aistin Device and sensor setup.

  • Tailorable to feature a custom UI: for example, a container displaying percentual fill rate
  • IoT Device local configuration and setup if needed
  • IoT device sensor values can be read also locally

Component 04

Integrated Cloud: iProtoxi Cloud Connector Software


  • Allows seamless integration with any existing customer cloud subscription

  • Connects Aistin Devices to Cloud
  • Plug-and-play deployment to all modern cloud platforms, i.e. AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google, SAP, etc.

  • Integrates at ease to other Cloud systems via API interface

Component 05

Customer Cloud: IoThund

  • Platform-independent, customizable IoThund Cloud allows the easy monitoring and secure management of IoT devices from small to large scale applications
  • Open AI interface: Allows utilizing collected IoT device data for further analysis and development of artificial Intelligence
  • Database, map, positioning, data visualization, alarming, reporting, and device management

Component 06

iProtoxi Device Management

Monitoring and managing device fleets at the field over their entire life cycle

  • Device information, location, status, and measurements
  • Scales to a large fleets of devices
  • Customizable view for your business
  • Comprehensive filtering
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Licensable to other IoT Systems, see iProtoxi Custom

Component 07

iProtoxi Over-the-Air Updates

Update software, firmware, or configuration data completely wirelessly to your Aistin devices.

  • Manual or automatic updates
  • Secure encrypted and authenticated update
  • Minimize costly on-site repairs and/or recalls with centralized Over-the-Air management
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Data transfer readily minimized
  • iProtoxi OTA is licensable to other systems, see iProtoxi Custom

Interested and wish to learn more?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work out together a package that best suits your needs.

Device and Cloud brochures are available upon request. 

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