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Aistin Blue


Aistin Blue Bluetooth LE Development Boards



Aistin Blue boards are specifically designed for low energy, battery operated wireless IoT and wearable solutions. These small, round devices measure only 32 mm in diameter, or 27 mm, if screw pads and trace points are not needed, and are as thin as just 4.2 mm.

It is a very integrated and simple-to-use modular sensor system. The system has Bluetooth LE with an integrated crystal antenna, keeping it compact and avoiding external components.

Blue boards work out-of-the-box with an Android application. Together with this application, Blue can be used immediately as data logger; sensor readings can also be seen instantly on the screen. Size matters, Blue is small enough for wearables, including wrist-worn devices.

Blue boards include sensors for detecting 3D-acceleration, 3D-magnetism, 3D-rotation, humidity, air pressure and temperature; even more functionality is available, using add-on boards and flexes from the Aistin family. More info about available variants will be available soon.

For product developers, sensor drivers are available at no charge. Firmware programming is easy with Nordic Semiconductor's tool set. Blue SW can be also developed with ARM MBED. Android applications, both Aistin Blue sensor viewer (Basic4Android) and Aistin Blue data logger (Java) example source codes are available also for free.

We at iProtoXi use Aistin Blue as a platform for customer projects, where we adapt it to perfectly fit the customer's specific needs.

Why Aistin Blue?

  • Time to market advantages; reduced hardware development cost and time, direct Blue use, or customized hardware

  • Well known ARM architecture and development tools

  • Famous Nordic Semiconductor BT-LE system on chip solution

  • State of Art IoT Evaluation and Development Kit

  • Easy to extent solution with custom add-ons and flexes using Aistin Bus24, but keeping the solution still enough tiny to fit wearable size

  • 2Mbit EEPROM Memory for customer application use and sensor data storage

  • Low power consumption

Flyers, application notes and support documents

 Aistin Blue BTL5X1 Flyer (new)  13.7.2017  Download
  Aistin Blue BTL5X1 Application note (new) 6.7.2017  Download
Aistin Blue BTL4X1 Flyer 10.9.2016 Download
  Aistin Blue BTL4X1 Application note 10.9.2016 Download
  Aistin Blue BTL3X3 Flyer 21.6.2016 Download
Aistin Blue BTL3K3 Application note 14.6.2016  Download
Aistin Blue BTL3H3 Application note 14.6.2016  Download
Aistin-bus24-14.pdf Specification 1.1.2016 Download
Bluetooth Protocol Specification 10.11.2016 Download
IoT kit flyer (Kionix) 2.11.2016 Download
Iot kit user guide (Kionix) 2.11.2016 Download



Technical Details

Aistin Blue boards integrate low energy Bluetooth (BLE) with crystal antenna based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822, nRF52832 or nRF52840 SOC. See details from "Board Core" table below.

Most Blue variants have also 2 Mbit I2C EEPROM memory.

Aistin Blue boards are equipped with Aistin Bus24 host connectors based on the Aistin Bus24 open standard specification. Board has micro USB connector for data transfer (FTDI) and battery charging, power and charge control, smart switch, and programmable red, green and blue LEDs.

Blue Boards have build-in sensors for detecting motion, humidity, temperature and air pressure. Solution can be extended, but in same time kept still tiny by using Aistinbus24 add-on-boards or flexes. See variants from "Sensors in board" table below.

Aistin Blue supports firmware upload over-the-air via Bluetooth LE. Software development tools are provided by Nordic Semiconductor (downloadable for free). Software can be also developed with ARM MBED. Board supports also Tag-Connect connector less interface (TC2030) for flashing and debugging.

Dimensions: Ø 27/32 mm x 4.2 mm (0.6 mm PCB).

Board Core

nRF51822-QFAC nRF52832-QFAA
ARM Cortex M0 ARM Cortex M4
Program memory 
256kB 512kB
Data RAM
32kB 64kB
ADC resolution 8/9/10 bit 8/10/12 bit (14 bit os)
BT BT LE (4.1) / 2.4GHz Multiprotocol Bluetoot Smart (BT 4.2)
ANT - ANT / ANT+ / 2.4GHz
Antenna 2.4GHz SMD Chip 2.4GHz SMD Chip
Flashing Tag connect TC2030, OTA, USB * Tag connect TC2030, OTA, USB *
NFC(pads) - NFC-A TAG support

* USB bootloader is not default, when bying the board

Sensors in board

Kionix KX122-1037, (KMX62 & KXG03) - Kionix KXG03, (KMX62) Kionix KX122-1037, (KMX62 & KXG03)
Kionix KXG03 - Kionix KXG03
Kionix KMX62 - Kionix KMX62
Rohm BM1383AGLV - Rohm BM1383AGLV
  Sensirion SHT31-DIS-B - Sensirion SHT31-DIS-B
Temperature See * See ** - See **

* Temperature is taken from Rohm BM1383AGLV reference temperature

** Temperature is taken either from Rohm BM1383AGLV or Sensirion SHT31-DIS-B reference temperatures

Sensor datasheets

Kionix KX122-1037 datasheet
Kionix KMX62 datasheet
Kionix KXG03 datasheet
Rohm BM1383AGLV datasheet
Sensirion SHT31-DIS-B datasheet


BTL-4H1 (new)
AistinBUS24 connectors *
1 (TOP) 2(1 on Both sides)
AistinBUS24 connections **
2 x I2C, SPI, UART, 5 x ADC,18 x GPIO 2 x I2C, SPI, I2S, PDM, UART, 6 x ADC, 18 x GPIO
BT, Micro USB Type-B
Battery connector
Battery charging Yes (via USB)
Battery voltage monitor
- Yes
RG LEDs 1 2
Blue LED 1

* Top side add-on board size restricted to 16mmx17.5mm

** buses/lines are optional and are not all usable at the same time. 18 GPIO lines total.


SW development tools

Blue application (firmware) programming is easy with Nordic Semiconductor's tool set. There are options to use Keil or Eclipse IDE. It is possible to develop Blue application (firmware) also with ARM MBED. When using ARM MBED, firmware needs to be flashed to Blue either using DFU (needs ZIP format) or by using debugger and TagConnect -cable.

Note: Aistin Blue sensor viever Android application (B4A) source code is available for Blue customers. Please check SW support table below.
Note: Aistin Blue datalogger Android application (native Java) source code is available for Blue customers. Please check SW support table below.
Note: Aistin Blue datalogger firmware source code (Keil) is available for Blue customers. Please check SW support table below.

Firmware Over the Air Update (DFU) Files

Aistin Blue supports DFU (Device firmware update over the air) -feature. With DFU you can download the latest firmware image to Blue without wires using Bluetooth. For DFU operation we recommend you to use nRF Toolbox application that is available from Android Play -store. See more info at https://www.nordicsemi.com/eng/Products/Nordic-mobile-Apps/nRF-Toolbox-App

Check your board version for right firmware. You can find firmware binarys from "SW support" table uder Firmware - Binary (.ZIP)

DFU insructions

  1. Prepare that you have BT-LE capable Android phone. Android version 5.x.x or later recommended

  1. Download nRF toolbox Ble Android application from Google Play.

  2. Install and open the application. Enable Bluetooth, if asked
  3. Select DFU operation from the application
  4. Download the latest Aistin Blue DFU firmware (like Aistin-blue-BTL3x3-V149.zip) from this page
  5. Select the Aistin Blue DFU firmware in nRF toolbox application
  6. Power on the Blue
  7. Select the Blue from nRF toolbox application
  8. Note: firmware can be updated only in Blue bootloader mode, so you need to keep the Blue power/reset button pressed, until you have started the DFU operation from the application
  9. Note: device BT name may be different during bootloader mode
  10. DFU operation should start, when pressing the "upload" from the application

Tag Connect interface (flashing and debugging)

Aistin Blue supports connector less Tag Connect interface for wired flashing. Tag Connect interface was selected because of zero cost solution in mass manufacturing. Developers can use Tag Connect interface for flashing and debugging either using J-Link debugger or using Nordic Semiconductor reference design kit.

When using Tag Connect interface, please use TC2030-IDC-NL cable (http://www.tag-connect.com/TC2030-IDC-NL).

When using J-Link debugger, you can either use Tag Connect ARM20-CTX 20-Pin to TC2030-IDC Adapter for Cortex http://www.tag-connect.com/ARM20-CTX or you can use iProtoXi adapter for TC2030-IDC (available on request).

TC2030-IDC-NL -cable and iProtoXi adapter for TC2030-IDC

When using Nordic Semiconductor reference design kit debug out, you can use adapter for TC2030-IDC provided by iProtoXi.

SW support

  BTL-3K3 and BTL-3H3

BTL-4P1, BTL-4G1 and BTL-4H1


  Application Firmware Application Firmware Application Firmware
  Binary Source Binary Source Binary Source Binary Source TBD
Aistin Blue sensor viewer (Android) Aistin Blue v1.44.apk link to bitbucket Aistin-blue-BTL3x3-V154.zip (new)  - Aistin Blue v1.44.apk link to bitbucket coming soon - TBD
Aistin Blue Data logger  Build your own from source link to bitbucket  Firmware-BTL3XX-v150.zip link to github  TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
Kionix IoT kit
SW, installer and instructions  TBD TBD TBD - TBD

Aistin Blue sensor viewer Android application

Works for all Blue variants.

With this application you can read sensor values over the Bluetooth, see sensor values in application UI and log received data to file for later study/analyze. Both environment data (air pressure, air humidity and temperature) and motion data (acceleration, rotation and magnetism) is transferred over the BT-LE.

Note, if your variant is missing particular sensor, the sensor value is shown as zero.

Aistin Blue Android source code (B4A) is available for Blue customers. Please see SW support table for a link to github. Please read following readme.txt for B4A installation instructions. Please add these libraries to the directory given in readme.txt.

Aistin Blue data logger Android application

Works with BTL-3H3 and BTL-3K3 Blue variants.

With this application you can read motion data sensor values over the Bluetooth and log received data to file for later study/analyze. Motion data  including acceleration, rotation and magnetism is transferred over the BT-LE.

Aistin Blue datalogger Android source code (native Jave) is available for Blue customers. Please see SW support table for a link to github for Native source. Please use Android Studio for creating your own application image.

Aistin Blue datalogger firmware source code (Keil) is available for Blue customers. Please see SW support table for a link to github for source. Please use Nordic Nordic Semiconductor's tool set for compailing your own firmware image.

Kionix IoT kit SW

Works with BTL-3H3 and BTL-3K3 Blue variants.

Rohm Kionix has selected iProtoXi Aistin Blue as their Iot Evaluation and Development Kit. See press release.

Kionix's Evaluation Kit Software includes both Kionix Windows Sensor Evaluation and Multi-OS Evaluation Software. The Windows-based software is GUI driven to allow easy sensor configuration and data acquisition while the Multi-OS software is command-line driven for more flexible and sophisticated evaluation and algorithm development.

More info can be found from Kionix IoT Evaluation and Development Kit. home page.

Please found the Evaluation Kit SW github link from SW  support table. Please see more from documentation.


 Mechanics available for all Aistin Blue boards. See more from Aistin_btl3x3_flyer.pdf

Blue, BT-LE Wearables Development Kit

Ideal for wearable device development, State-of-the-art movement detection and environmental sensors

Solution with all the needed development tools, demo applications, examples and design cover mechanics

The Aistin Blue is small enough for wearable devices and makes possible to create your own prototype without making any custom hardware.

Kionix has selected Aistin Blue as their Iot Evaluation and Development Kit

Use cases

  • Production ready BT-LE intelligence inside/making your product
  • Sensor data logger with memory
  • Step, hit or movement counter
  • Movement and shaking detector
  • Orientation detector
  • Wrist device, sport equipment
  • Weather station
  • Bluetooth beacon
  • Physical web / Eddystone beacon
  • Optical heart rate sensor (with add-on flex)
  • Burglar alarm
  • Fast proof of concept prototyping your idea for investors
  • Positioning
  • Teaching
  • Sales and marketing
  •  ...

 Optional extensions    

  •  TC2030-IDC-NL Cable, price 59,90 €, VAT0%               

  • Adapter for TC2030-IDC, price 19,90 €, VAT0%            

  • Debugging flex, price 19,90 €, VAT0%  Debugging flex      Debugging flex

  • Empty development board, now available, price 9,90 €, VAT0%     thru hole

                                                                                                                   surface mount


  • New Aistin cover, now available, price 19,90 €, VAT0%      Aistin Cover

Prices and where To Buy?

Robomaa.fi web shop

Send us an email: orders(at)iprotoxi.fi

Prices BTL-3K3 BTL-3H3 BTL-4P1 BTL-4G1 BTL-4H1
BTL-5X1 (new)
Board only VAT0% 59 € 79 € 69 € 74 € 79 € TBD
Board+battery VAT0% 69 € 89 € 79 € 84 € 89 € TBD
Board+bat+capsule+cap VAT0% 85 € 105 € 95 € 100 € 105 € TBD
Board+bat+capsule+cap+dock VAT0% 89€ 109 € 99 € 104 € 109 € TBD

 (We reserve the right to change our products' prices at any time without further notice)


Interested of tailored version of Aistin Blue ?

Are you looking perhaps something that is almost like Blue, but you would want to either drop, add or change some features?

We are happy to help you. We can tailor a custom version of the Blue boards for you needs. Customization scales form diffrent build variant to fully custom solution, where also the board layout and size can be designed to match your needs.

We can also tailor the firmware and/or phone application for your use case.

If you need custom mechanics and perhaps industrial design, we can help you to find the right solution.

If interested, please send us an email: info(at)iprotoxi.fi

 Blue licensing

Are you looking perhaps a complete wearable solution and you want to save time and money utilizing existing wearables/IoT platform instead of making own HW and firmware design from scratch? 

Please contact to info(at)iprotoxi.fi and we will explain the Blue license model benefits.