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Aistin IoTLAB Devices

Aistin IoT Devices are available with complete Aistin IoT software ready to use with Aistin Cloud Solution. Aistin IoT Device can also communicate with several Cloud Service providers. Aistin IoT Devices are a low energy wireless IoT devices with onboard and external sensors. Aistin IoT Device is available in different components and configuration set-ups depending on the customer’s case and needs.

Aistin IoT Cloud Platform

Downloads and data of Aistin Blue Platforms

Aistin IoT Blue and Blue Technical Data

Aistin Blue and Aistin IoT Blue boards integrate low energy Bluetooth (BT5.x) with crystal antenna based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SOC. See details from product leaflets.

Aistin Blue variants have also the option for external memory or SD card add-on board.

Aistin IoT Blue devices have both BT5 + 4G NB IoT/CatM1 or Lora radios. The variant of GPS is also available.

All Aistin Blue and Aistin IoT boards are equipped with Aistin Bus24 host connectors based on the Aistin Bus24 open standard specification. Board has a micro USB connector for data transfer and battery charging, power and charge control and programmable red, green and blue LEDs. There is also an option for the smart switch.

Aistin Blue Boards have build-in sensors for detecting motion, humidity, temperature, and air pressure. The solution can be extended, but at the same time kept still tiny by using Aistinbus24 add-on-boards or flexes.

Aistin Blue and Aistin IoT Blue supports firmware upload over-the-air via Bluetooth LE. Software development tools are provided by Nordic Semiconductor (downloadable for free). The software can be also developed with ARM MBED. Board supports also Tag-Connect connectorless interface (TC2030) for flashing and debugging.

Development tools

Software development tools

Aistin Blue and Aistin IoT Blue application (firmware) programming can be done with Nordic Semiconductor’s tool set. There are options to use Keil or Eclipse IDE. It is possible to develop Blue application (firmware) also with ARM MBED. When using ARM MBED, firmware needs to be flashed to Blue either using DFU (needs ZIP format) or by using debugger and TagConnect -cable. Contact sales(at) for SDK request. 

Firmware Over the Air Update (DFU) Files

Aistin Blue and IoT Blue supports DFU (Device firmware update over the air) -feature. With DFU you can download the latest firmware image to Blue without wires using Bluetooth. For DFU operation we recommend you to use nRF Toolbox application that is available from Android Play -store. See more info at 

Tag Connect interface (flashing and debugging)

 Aistin Blue supports connector less Tag Connect interface for wired flashing. Tag Connect interface was selected because of zero cost solution in mass manufacturing. Developers can use Tag Connect interface for flashing and debugging either using J-Link debugger or using Nordic Semiconductor reference design kit.

When using Tag Connect interface, please use TC2030-IDC-NL cable (

When using J-Link debugger, you can either use Tag Connect ARM20-CTX 20-Pin to TC2030-IDC Adapter for Cortex or you can use iProtoXi adapter for TC2030-IDC (available on request).

TC2030-IDC adapter

When using Nordic Semiconductor reference design kit debug out, you can use adapter for TC2030-IDC provided by iProtoXi.

Extensions and accesories webshop or send us an email:

Optional extensions

TC2030-IDC-NL Cable

Adapter for TC2030-IDC

Debugging flex

Empty development board, thru-hole

Empty development board, surface mount

Aistin Bus24 Documentation