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Our Aistin IoTLAB offers building blocks to give solutions for your ideas. Aistin IoTLAB is a combination of Aistin cloud service, mobile application, and Aistin IoT devices that are based on our energy-efficient and modular Aistin product platforms. All this is a great starting point for many applications. Aistin IoTLAB can be used as such or we can tailor it to give the best support on your needs.

We have strong experience in radio technology, electronics design, and software development.

With our Aistin IoT solutions, we can help your business to build the product from idea to implementation and there to mass-production, or anything between. Contact us already today!

New Aistin Blue 5X1 platform


Aistin Blue platforms are the great starting point for any IoT Solutions.

  • Aistin IoT BLUE, targeted for IoT devices
    ( Bluetooth 5 + 4G NB IoT or Lora)
  • Aistin BLUE 5X3, targted for wearables
    (Bluetooth 5)
  • Aistin Sensor Scanner mobile app
  • Aistin Cloud with rich set of features including interface to 3rd party cloud systems and AI
Modular Aistin Blue platform is great for any IoT solution


Our modular platforms are great for rapid development.

  • Multi modular SW&HW solution
  • Aistin Bus 24
  • Add-on sensors
  • Add-on radio modules
Software development


We have strong experience in software development.

  • Customized Aistin device firmwares
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile gateways
  • Cloud integration SW
Radio technologies behind IoT solutions

Radio Technologies

  • Bluetooth 4.x
  • Bluetooth 5
  • LoRa
  • 4G NB-IoT
  • GPS
  • Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G .., 5G
  • M2M
  • RFID and NFC
  • iQRF
Building blocks for healtcare and fitness IoT Solutions


Our services and Aistin product platforms are used as building blocks for all kinds of healthcare and fitness solutions from monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration.

Energy efficient, battery operated Aistin Blue platforms

Energy Efficiency

  • Low power design
  • Primary battery or chargeable batteries
  • Energy harvesting
  • Energy saving algorithms
Sensors for IoT Solutions

IoT Device Sensor Solutions

  • Acceleration
  • Rotation
  • Magnetism
  • Motion detection
  • Orientation
  • 9D Sensor fusion
  • Temperature
  • Remote temperature (IR)
  • Air pressure / Altitude
  • Differential Air pressure
  • Humidity
  • Construction moisture
  • Distance (many technologies)
  • Light level and color
  • Heart rate and HRV
  • Sound volume level
  • Vibration
  • Liquid pressure
  • Liquid temperature
  • Location
  • Position
  • Person tracking and movement detection (PIR and Bluetooth)
iProtoXi cloud IoT Solutions

Aistin IoTLAB

  • Aistin Cloud Solution
  • Adaptation to Customer own cloud
  • Cloud interfaces
  • AI
End User Applications

End user applications


  • Sport equipment with sensors
  • Animal monitoring
  • Smart Watches
  • Health devices

Industrial IoT

  • Construction moisture  monitoring
  • Heating, air conditioner and air quality monitoring
  • Dispenser monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Enabler for sustaintability;
    energy saving and less manual visits


  • Turn key IoT customer projects
  • Property monitoring
  • IoT and wearable proof of concepts
  • Turn key Custom IoT development kits