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Referenssi: Kick.Ai

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Referenssi: IoLiving


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Take a look at our inspiring customer references below.

Fingrid is Finland’s transmission system operator. We secure reliable electricity for our customers and society and we shape the clean, market-oriented power system of the future.

IoT services based on comprehensive network, as well as world-class Data Center services.

Oura ring is packed with infrared LEDs, NTC temperature sensors, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope all wrapped around your finger — the most precise and convenient place to capture body measurements like heart rate, HRV, temperature, steps, and more.

Posti is the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland. Posti manages the flow of everyday life of customers by offering a broad range of postal, logistics, freight, and e-commerce services. 

5G will be built on new technologies, like NB-IoT, 5G connections, and new terminals. You will be the first to use them in order to solve your challenges.

Wastebook has a new waste management concept that protects the environment and optimizes the waste collection interval according to the customer’s needs.

Pipelife is a leading supplier of piping system solutions for infrastructure, buildings and agriculture. Based in 27 countries, we provide communities around the world with safe, healthy and carefree living for current and future generations.

Kionix, Inc. is a global MEMS inertial sensor manufacturer based in Ithaca, NY, USA.  Kionix offers high-performance, low-power accelerometers, gyroscopes, and 6-axis combination sensors plus comprehensive software libraries that support a full range of sensor combinations, operating systems and hardware platforms.

Centria University of Applied Sciences is owned by Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is one of the leading research and technology organizations in Europe.

JOT is headquartered in Finland and is a part of Head Invest Group. JOT offers automated test and assembly solutions.

SKIIOT is a wearable tech device that connects to the heel of a cross-country skier. It will change the way we see nordic/cross-country skiing.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in Finland.

PulseOn was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Finland with a subsidiary in Switzerland. The company is privately owned.

Monidor is a company that develops innovative, smart, and small electronic devices. We are experts in wireless communications, mobile SW development, and sensor technology. You get safe and secure solutions with the best quality.

Anaxeos is a lightweight vest with sensors that track things such as heart rate and temperature, connected to a mobile app that then reveals the data and interprets them so that the dog’s carer can take action.

Jolla, the mobile company from Finland, is the developer of the open mobile operating system Sailfish OS. Our company was born in 2011, with roots in Nokia and MeeGo.

Haikara Corp Oy is a Finland-based company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of touch screen operated “Digital Lifestyle” watches at affordable prices.

Runteq develops and markets revolutionary products and applications for sports and wellness monitoring.

”R” represents the first letter of our original main product, Resistors. This was put together with the unit for resistance ” ohm”. The ”R” now also stands for ”Reliability”. ”Quality First” is ROHM’s corporate policy.

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