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iProtoXi Micro Family (Discontinued)

Modular plug-and-play iProtoXi Boards

iProtoXi Micro Family consists of various small scale, easy to use, modular plug-and-play hardware boards. All the different iProtoXi sensor boards, radio modules, and other output boards are simple to plug onto the iProtoXi Micro Controller. Boards are instantly ready to use. With our variety of different boards sensor fusion is effortless.

iProtoxi Aistin Firmware makes sensors usage easy without the need of sensor specific drivers. Aistin Software Family provides the full gateway from sensor hardware to the sensor web interface.

Electronics professionals and enthusiasts will also enjoy the signal pads on sides of every iProtoxi board which makes customizing easy.

Product Pages

Micro CPU Board

Motion Sensor Board

Air Pressure Sensor Board

Programmable RGB LED Board

Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Board

Bluetooth Board

Sensor Raspberry Pi Adapter