Customer Projects

Our services are especially suitable for customers who:

- need proof of concept prototype(s) for convincing investor or customer
- want to verify ideas and technology before starting the actual product development
- want to verify ideas but don't have deep technology know-how
- want to find the best solution and compare suppliers and their component offering
- need their own small size battery powered BT-LE, BT5, 4G NB IoT or Lora solution with sensors for IoT or wearable use case
- need their own variant of Arduino compatible electronics including SW support
Our development environments are ideal for B2B use (product development, marketing) and individual developers.

Aistin Platform

Customer service

iProtoXi provides a modular Internet of Things sensor application development environment to develop, verify, and market customers' product ideas.

The Aistin IoT development environment includes a mobile application, gateway software running on open-HW platforms such as Raspberry Pi and modular small size IoT / wearable application hardware which are modified and configured to customer application requirements. Our modular platform  can embed nearly any sensor, any radio technology and the environment can flexibly extend from stand-alone systems to internet service.

Customer Project Examples

For customer projects we typically

- Utilize iProtoXi Aistin Blue platform modular building blocks based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF5 SOC chipsets and latest sensor technology, like Kionix motion sensors

- Use new 4G NB IoT and Lora 868MHz radio technologies for IoT use cases

- Use our Aistin IoT GW SW and adapt it to customer own IoT platform or use iProtoXi provided cloud service

- Use the Arduino compatibility of our modular HW building blocks

- Utilize our mobile (SW&HW) architecture experience for Mobile Applications or even tailor the HW setup for customers, who would like to test their ideas in a mobile phone environment


All these solutions can carry almost any sensor. Low power customer project devices can be powered on a coin cell or rechargeable battery with USB charging.

Even energy harvesting solutions are possible. iProtoXi provides the application and continuous development support. Mechanics design is also available based on customers' needs.

Customer Benefits





Our platform variants are excellent for developing energy efficient, feature optimized, and cost-effective solutions. We deliver fast turnaround of new solution with the modular and easy-to-use Aistin (HW&SW) platform, especially when building the solution on top of existing building blocks or tailoring them.

- Short product definition time
- Quick introduction of new technology
- Seamless support of product concept and development

We are experts in fast prototyping and tailoring electronics for Your needs. We have strong experience in radio technology, electronics design, and software development.

If You are interested to use our services, please contact us today.

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