Case stydy: Wastebook JAETE waste management


JAETE is IoT Device measuring waste levels in the wastebins and septic tanks. Together with a cloud solution, it makes it possible to optimize waste management in households, housing cooperatives, waste companies reducing costs and helps to protect the environment. 


Wastebook JAETE

JAETE IoT Device measuring the waste levels.

Wastebook Cloud Full IoT Cloud solution to manage JAETE IoT Devices.

Step 1: Aistin IoTLAB

Aistin IoT Devices and Cloud Solution

  • Idea verification using Aistin platform modules
  • First field tests

Step 2: Aistin Optimizer

Product development

  • Design of  waste management features
  • Tailored hardware and firmware
  • Customized and rebranded cloud solution
  • Pilot deliveries

Step 3: Aistin Production

Mass production and customer support

  • Productized IoT solution
  • Handling mass manufacturing of JAETE units
  • Service and support
  • Maintenance and further development – IoT as a service


JAETE Waste management

JAETE measures waste levels in the wastebins and septic tanks.