Asset Management with iProtoXi

Accurate knowledge of usage rate, condition, and location of all equipment to secure the highest utilization level thus securing the best value for your equipment.

Complete IoT Solution

Background Information

    Equipment and machinery are some of your most valuable assets. To secure best return of investment from your assets you do want to have accurate knowledge of usage rate, condition, and location of all equipment to secure highest utilization level thus securing best value of your equipment.

    Aistin Motion IoT Device

    Asset management

    Problem Statement

    If your sales team does not know what equipment is available, they cannot give to the customers accurate information and cannot close the sales or rental agreements.
    If your operating staff does not have accurate information on equipment availability, they cannot service customers in the best manner.
    Why is the information not available?

    •  Information is not readily available of equipment location
    • Very limited information is available related to what equipment requires maintenance

    Reason: Very often location and maintenance requirements are not available with real time information and is even in some cases based on inexact manual paper documentation not connected to company IT systems. This means that sales and operating staff do not have accurate information available.

    Asset management

    The iProtoXi Solution

    • Step 1: Attach the Aistin Motion device onto your equipment with magnets provided by iProtoXi (or any other way).
    • Step 2: The Aistin Motion device will automatically send its location to the server of your choice (with IoTrack cell positioning or GPS). It also measures the operating time of your equipment and therefore maintenance can be scheduled in advance. The temperature of the environment is also measured.
    • Step 3: Configure and store all equipment related information with IoThund cloud SW
    • Step 4: Manage all the information received from the devices. If you have other IoT devices, they can be seamlessly integrated into IoThund, or alternatively, if you have your own IoT system, IoThund can forward all data there.
    • Step 5: The iProtoXi solution will securely give you easily available up-to-date data of your complete equipment inventory to all parties that require it.
    Aistin Motion IoT Device


    Secure IoT Platform With The Latest Technology


    In addition, it is possible to create easy steps to gain numerous other data as desired such as:


    • Temperature, moisture, etc.
    • Service history can be included
    • The hour’s equipment has been in use (valuable information related to personnel usage of equipment)


    Customer case studies

    Case study Vexve iSENSE

    Digitalization of valves.

    Case study Wastebook JAETE

    Waste management

    Case study Kipuwex

    Pain assessment and remote monitoring 

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