Aistin NB-IoT Blue Sensor Unit

Sensor model BTB1002NB.

New product into Aistin IoT Blue family

Aistin IoT Blue Device model BTB1002 based on brand new iProtoXi developed IoT Blue platform. The Aistin Sensor Devices are equipped with versatile sensors, measuring distance, 3D-acceleration, 3D-magnetism, 3D-rotation, on-board temperature, air pressure and GPS/(GNSS), all of this integrated into the same unit. There are also special variants for CO2, differential air pressure, distance, and structural humidity monitoring.

The Aistin NB-IoT Sensor Unit model BTB1002NB with Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 is the latest addition to the Aistin Blue family and it is ready to be used with most cloud service providers. The BTB1002NB offers extremely long usage time up to several years depending on the application and is, now, also introducing GPS/GNSS location service. It also supports Bluetooth 5, 4G, NB-IoT/CatM, provides radio connectivity and hosts an open standard Aistin BUS24 including all signals expanding the unit’s capabilities.

Aistin Sensor Unit can communicate with most IoT Solution providers like MS Azure, Cumulocity, Things Networks. We can also provide a whole end-to-end IoT system with our Aistin Cloud Services.

With the Aistin Sensor Scanner Application, you can read sensor values over the Bluetooth. Local configuration and setup are also possible using the Bluetooth connection.

Application areas include environmental monitoring, building conditions, and automation, light level, air quality monitoring, movement, and tilt angle as well as fluid level measurements, pressure measurements in the open air and in containers, moisture monitoring, location tracking and much more.

The estimated timetable for mass production starts is in May 2020. Engineering samples are available on request. Preorder already now and ask for an early bid price and ensure that you are in the first wave of production series.


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