News: Framery Connect

A recent example of the application of iProtoxi’s complete system for solving everyday problems through digitalization.

More than 12 000 companies worldwide now have Framery Connect – a smart technology that puts an end to the hassle of booking meeting rooms at work.

Click on the links below to read more about the Framery news release. This application is a great example of what can be achieved with careful planning and productisation, using a ready-to-use IoT framework for implementation.

iProtoXi is now Acconeer development partner

Framery sensors are easy to install in less than a minute and have a battery life of five years. No personal data is ever collected.

Framery owns the image rights

Aistin Products


Presence and condition monitoring in different environments and applications, such as conference rooms and cabinets, is handled by Aistin Presence.

Measurement of occupancy of premises

How many visits are there?

Whether the container, cabinet or enclosure is open or closed

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