The safety of the sea containers will be brought to a new level

The worst nightmare on a container ship

A container heats up and a fire threatens!

No worries!

The control unit of the ship has been informed in advance which container has a dangerous situation and they were able to prevent any major damage in time.

Sounds easy and safe. And that’s what it is. Salgrom Technologies Inc. has equipped the fire-safe container with its’ Spider extinguishing system. The Spider aerosol extinguishing unit extinguishes the fire in the container very quickly. The iProtoxi’s Aistin Motion product has detected possible fire in time and informed forward. The ship’s crew can react to a possible fire in time and even prevent it or the resulting damage. This way, it is safe for the ship to continue sailing at sea with its’ valuable cargo.

With the collaboration of iProtoxi Inc. and Salgrom Technologies Inc., the safety of the sea containers will be brought to a new level

Around 6 million containers classified as dangerous sail the world’s seas every year. On average, a fire breaks out on container ships once every two months. In the worst case, the whole ship has burned down, and the damages have been significant.


Salgrom Technologies Inc. is the market leader in automated fire extinguishing systems in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Salgrom has developed a magnificent Spider aerosol extinguisher that quickly extinguishes the fire in a container Spider extinguishing unit is ingeniously simple to mount inside the container to provide extra security. The fire extinguisher reacts to heat, which activates the aerosol charge. The device puts out the fire by filling the space with aerosol. As a pioneer in extinguishing systems, Salgrom Technologies Inc. wants to develop its services further.

Salgrom approached iProtoxi Inc. because we can offer an almost ready-made solution as the monitoring system of fire-safe containers. Salgrom studied our references carefully. They got excited about the ready-made solution and Finnishness. They have experienced easy communication with us and that any requests for changes are implemented flexibly and reliably.

There are approx. 20 000 containers on board at any one time. The command center needs to know if there is a problem with any container.

The Aistin Motion product forwards information about those containers where alarming changes have occurred. Such changes are, for example, big temperature changes or unusual movement of the container. With the help of iProtoxi’s services, the environment can be monitored to react in time. This system allows to protection of the area in due time or cools the container from outside and thus prevents greater damage.

Aistin Motion IoT Device

Salgrom Technologies Inc. expands the usage of iProtoxi services and products. Salgrom wants to stand out in the fire extinguishing industry with new extinguishing systems which utilize the information transmission and intelligence brought by IoT. Together, we have an enthusiastic team that is eager to develop solutions further, always.

Aistin Products

Usage Times and Vibration Measurements
Monitor engine usage times and calculate CO2 emissions. Do preventive maintenance by detecting changes in device vibrations to save costs.

Aistin Motion is the answer to these questions.

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