iProtoxi’s Aistin Level and Aistin Motion devices use Nordic nRF9160 SiP to relay sensor data to the Cloud platform

We selected Nordic’s nRF9160 for our Aistin devices for a number of reasons including the SiP’s low power consumption, cellular location services, and support for several tool chains.

Aistin Level

Surface Level Measurement
Is it full? How full? When is it empty? Or vice versa. How are the conditions on-site? How warm is the surface? How is the humidity on-site?

Aistin Level is the answer to these questions.

A wireless level-measurement solution and a motion and vibration detection device have been developed by Finland-based industrial IoT solutions company, iProtoxi, enabling a range of remote industrial monitoring applications.

iProtoXi is now Acconeer development partner
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