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iProtoXi is a one-stop full IoT System vendor. We offer complete products and tailored solutions for varying industrial purposes. We also offer just parts of the system, such as devices, IoThund Cloud, or cloud connectivity. For custom or separate IoT system components, please see iProtoXi Custom.

iProtoXi Custom

Because not every solution is ready out-of-the-box
We digitalize and differentiate existing products and create completely new ones. One Vendor, Full IoT System.


With breakthrough technology, Acconeer has developed a micro radar that opens up a new world for human interaction. Prepare for a new dimension to unfold.

Acconeer groundbreaking 3D sensor technology creates endless possibilities in a wide range of applications for multiple industries. The need for power-efficient, the advanced high precision 3D sensors provided in a small form factor is growing with driving global technology trends such as computer vision, Human interaction, AR/VR, and the Internet of Things.

iProtoXi is now Acconeer development partner

Surface level measurement

Is it full? How full? When is it empty? Or vice versa. How are the conditions on-site? How warm is the surface? How is the humidity on-site?

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