Positioning without GPS



Positioning without GPS

Positioning without GPS is now a reality. Let us introduce our newest feature IoTrack, an option to GPS, soon available in all our IoT devices. The first test for IoTrack was done in Northern Finland with the IoT device Aistin Motion. The route length from Kajaani to Haukipudas was ~200km and a positioning interval of 5 minutes was used. IoTrack is based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 SIP with 4G NB IoT/CatM1 functionality.


  • IoTrack works also indoors where there is no satellite coverage.
  • Significantly lower power consumption enables drastically longer operating times for battery-operated devices.
  • Enables totally new positioning related use cases.

New test runs expected soon, stay tuned.

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  • Is it cellular based?
    • Yes, the IoTrack feature is cellular based.
  • How accurate is it?
    • The technology is constantly improving, and during the first test run we were able to achieve an accuracy up to between 50 and 250 m.
  • What is the accuracy dependent on?
    • The accuracy depends on the cellular coverage and cellular network type.
  • Can it be used together with GPS?
    • Absolutely, IoTrack can be used together with GPS to overcome the common shortcomings of GPS.
  • Where can I find more details from? E.g. pricing or a brochure?
    • Please contact us for more information.

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