Aistin Sensors are battery powered. Also Bluetooth beacon is built-in.  Sensor units are available with long range 4G NB-IoT and LoRaWAN radios. Mobile application is simple to use.  While application is provided for easy setup, but also for local data monitoring. Finally Aistin Sensors supports modern web tools utilizing Cloud services. You can choose iProtoXi cloud, but also adaptation to to your very own cloud can be provided. Therefore Aistin Sensors are perfect product for any Environment monitoring and NB-IoT Network monitoring use cases.

Aistin Environment Monitor

First of all Aistin Environment Monitoring Sensor is an energy-efficient for long-term use without need for recharging or replacing batteries. The Sensor unit is physically small, but still providing a wide range of built-in sensors.

For example you can monitor temperature, and remote temperature with infrared, humidity, air and liquid pressure. One special case for construction work sites is concrete drying monitor. Sensor is available with separate probe. Certainly Aistin Sensors can be also used in versatile property monitoring cases. Identify and prevent any problems before those turn into expensive damages.

Aistin Network Monitor

Aistin Sensor is great product for Network Monitoring use case. Because it’s small in size, and is battery operated ,and comes with versatile easy to use mobile application. You can take product with you where ever you want and monitor NB-IoT network quality parameters. Easy to take even into deepest forest or cellars.  There is no need anymore to carry heavy traditional equipment’s with you. Furthermore Sensors are equipped with GNSS positioning system. Location information is available along recorded parameters.

Latest state of the art iProtoXi Aistin IoT Blue Sensor solutions are available with several radio techniques. Sensors are currently available with LoraWAN and NB-IoT radios but can be furnished with other coming radios too. The Sensor module has an external antenna for the radio.

Finally Aistin Sensors supports Cloud Services which makes possible to utilize modern web technologies for parameter visualization.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for further information about Aistin Sensor use cases.  Please, take a look also at our videos below.

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